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How Are Online Tuitions Saving The Day During COVID-19 Crisis?

How Are Online Tuitions Saving The Day During COVID-19 Crisis?

There is no denying that the COVID-19 crisis has created drastic changes in our lifestyle overnight. With the entire world in a locked-down phase to combat the deadly virus, we are bound to our homes in an attempt to stay safe and alive. Many students, professionals, informal workers and several industries are bearing the brunt of the pandemic with no idea when normal conditions will be restored.

However, the schools and universities in Australia have joined hands to help students continue with their studies amid the global crisis by moving their operations online. They are providing online tuitions in the form of regular semesters or private classes so that the students do not feel distracted, anxious or uncertain about their careers. From offering affordable tutoring services to free professional courses online, the educational institutes are going the extra mile for the benefit of the students.

They provide you with extra guidance

It may not be possible for every teacher to clarify all the doubts of every student within the regular classroom. Many of the students leave the classroom with tons of queries in their minds and no one to turn to for explanations. With tuition classes, they can enjoy the one-on-one attention of the tutor and clarify all their doubts without any hassle. Thus, the tuitions provide them with the extra guidance that they need to understand their courses better.

Online tuitions versus classroom teaching in the present time

Every continent, state and city are trying their best to prevent community transmission of the virus by lowering the shutters of every shop, restaurant, bar, recreation centres and closing offices and educational institutes for an undefined period.

Not only that but numerous private and public institutes have also come forward with innovative ideas to offer a range of prospective courses online for students to make the most of their quarantine. While near graduates can opt for professional courses to increase their employability skills, others can take advantage of the live classes to continue with their studies despite all adversities.

Keep scrolling to know some of the advantages of online tuitions over regular classes in the present time.

You do not have to leave your home

With live classes and tuitions available online, you do not have to leave the comforts and safety of your home. All you have to do is create a schedule as per the class timings and sit in front of a computer. As the current situation demands you to practice social isolation, online tuitions are the best way to keep studying without being inside a real classroom.

Dedicated faculty for a limited number of students

When you enrol in online tuition, you will be connecting with your tutors through video conferences. There will be a dedicated faculty member for not more than 6(six) students, thus ensuring better interaction. Whether you are looking for a Math specialist or an expert English tutor, you can get immediate help during the classes and resolve your queries. The tutors use high tech web applications to connect with the students, so you do not have to worry about network connectivity issues.

No strict regulations to follow

In a conventional classroom, you have to follow a certain protocol. However, in the case of online tuitions, such a system is not necessary. You may pick a spot according to your needs and preferences and even have food while attending classes online. However, it is best to show respect to the tutor by seeking his/her permission if you need to leave the desk for some urgent work.

When place and money are not hindrances any more, you can focus entirely on your studies to achieve your career goals without much hassle. Make effective use of your quarantine by opting for online tuitions to keep anxiety, stress and panic at bay during the critical times.

Stay safe

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