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Core Curriculum English and Mathematics

Even if your child is not planning on attending a different school for a few years, academic support can be beneficial at any level of ability; whether you believe your child is exceptional and needs to be challenged beyond what the school currently offers, or whether you believe your child requires individualised assistance with specific elements of their education.

NRICH Learning offers a unique program where our teachers help to improve upon the student’s existing English and Mathematics skills. The classes are held weekly in small groups of no more than eight students per group. Hourly classes for English and Mathematics are conducted to assist the children in understanding the subject matter. Most importantly, we build the child’s confidence by offering an engaging, optimistic and stimulating learning environment.

The English and Mathematics programs are aimed to improve reading fluency and comprehension, as well as writing abilities and mathematics topics. Reading and composing are the focus of one session. The second session focuses on improving pre-algebra and algebra skills. Parents can enrol their children up for one or both of these programmes.

Core Curriculum Services Mindmap

We teach and practice various writing styles such as persuasive, expository, descriptive and narratives. Every writing assignment comes with helpful clues to get the young writer to get a head start. The tutor engages the students to write the essays in a framework that brings a structure to their writing. The importance of engaging the reader is emphasised and explained through various tools. The students also get to practice and improve grammar, spellings and punctuation.

Our core curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of reading, spelling, writing, and arithmetic using our proven teaching methods. We provide the time and personal attention that a large classroom environment cannot offer.


Phonics Classes

Children must learn to put the words they see in a text into sounds and make sense of these sounds to read English correctly. Because English employs letters in the alphabet to represent sounds, youngsters must learn letter-sound correlations. This information is taught in phonics to help youngsters learn to read. Children learn the sounds that each letter makes and how the order of letters affects the meaning of a word.

Phonics training teaches youngsters how to decode letters into their individual sounds, an important skill for them to read novel words on their own. Children with letter-sound knowledge will be able to connect unknown print terms to their spoken knowledge.

Early Numeracy

The future knowledge of mathematics by young learners requires a strong foundation built on a high-quality, challenging, and accessible mathematics education from an early age. Effective, research-based curriculum and teaching approaches are used to introduce mathematics to young children in all settings.

As early childhood educators, we use a variety of suitable experiences and research-based teaching practises to actively introduce mathematics concepts, procedures, and language. Teachers help students identify links between ideas in mathematics and other topics, allowing them to expand their mathematical knowledge across the curriculum.

Selective and Scholarship Exam Preparation

We concentrate on guiding the youngster through the process as stress-free as possible. We prepare students not just for private school admission, but also for state school admission, particularly the rigours of "Melbourne and McRob High School." English comprehension, creative writing, arithmetic, and verbal and nonverbal thinking will all be covered in preparation.

We assist both the child and the parent in navigating the Private/Public School admissions process. Your child will be guided through the preparation process, with an emphasis on English comprehension and creative writing, mathematics, exam and interview techniques, and, most significantly, fun. A cheerful youngster is almost often a high achiever.

NRICH Learning English program gives a substantial weekly practice of Reading Comprehension and writing exercises. Every alternate week, the program challenges students to write various essays (persuasive, narrative, descriptive and expository). The teachers target the essay structure and composition. They provide essential tips to improve the students’ skill level above and beyond the average school level. The students are also trained in solving Verbal reasoning problems.

Our Mathematics program takes the students from the average skill level to an advanced level. The program prepares the students to solve complex word problems with ease. The content and approach of our program focus on the types of questions found in the actual examination your child will be sitting. This provides the child with an essential experience of the exam scenario. Numerical reasoning exercises are also an essential part of our Mathematics program.

Mid Term Workshops

Mid term workshops on specialist topics are conducted to cater to the needs of students who are preparing for selective/scholarship schools. These workshops are conducted with a specific purpose to give the student the maximum benefit and excel in the subject matter. The workshops are a set of 3 or more 90 minutes classes conducted by highly experienced staff. As with all our classes, there are maximum 8 students in a workshop. All our courses are conducted face-to-face or online. In the past we have conducted workshops for Grade 5 to 8 students on the following topics

Effective writing

The course provides strategies and techniques to write impressive essays. The teachers outline and help students understand the structure of the essays and how the student can communicate their ideas effectively

Numerical reasoning

Advanced numeracy topics and problem-solving techniques are explained. The students are provided with a variety of practice exercises to master the skills learnt in the class.

VCE Tutoring

We conduct one on one and small group classes for grade 10 to 12 students. Our tutors are highly skilled and experienced in the subject matter. The books used by the students in their schools are used to conduct the classes. Most of the Year 10 to 12 classes are conducted online but face-to-face classes are also available on request. Please contact the centre manager to find out the subjects offered in your nearest centre. We are currently conducting the following VCE classes online

  1. VCE English
  2. VCE French
  3. VCE Chemistry
  4. VCE Mathematics – Further
  5. VCE Mathematics – Methods
  6. VCE Mathematics – Specialist

Interview Preparation

Many private and select public schools conduct an interview of the student before awarding them a place/seat. NRICH Learning team can help you prepare your child to confidently appear in these interviews. We conduct mock interviews and provide guidance on how to build a portfolio for the child for the formal interviews.

Essay Marking

Our Essay Marking Service provides your child with the opportunity to improve their writing and receive an honest feedback and suggestions to improve. The service is specially of value to students preparing for grade 6 scholarship exams, SEAL/ALP exams and grade 8 students appearing for Selective school exams. The essay will be marked one of our senior teachers who will mark and provide feedback and suggestions to improve within 48 hours. A detailed report will be provided highlighting the strength and weakness of the submitted essay.