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About Us



Our mission is to nurture the intelligence and creativity of a child. We aim to deliver expert tuition from qualified and experienced tutors to unlock the potential of children and help them realise their aspirations. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment to service. We believe all lessons should leave children engaged, confident and motivated. We all want our children to do well and be happy at school. Sometimes they need some extra support, maybe to build confidence, to help in areas they find difficult in school, prepare for exams or to help them achieve that top grade.

Our Core Values

How do we unlock the potential in a child and achieve results?

A seamless blend of learning and fun...

Our mission statement was established with the goal of preparing students for their future lives. However, the qualities we want to see in our children (self-reliance, logic, integrity, productivity) are the same qualities we want to see in our peers and associates.

Our curriculum is built upon the ideals outlined in our mission statement. These ideals are reinforced in the classroom resulting in the child gaining confidence and self-worth while enjoying studying.

It is our aim to run NRICH Learning in a way that is consistent with our mission and the ideals that underpin it.

We hope that by publicising and discussing our beliefs and values, all individuals associated with us will be inspired to think about the worth of ideas in their lives.

Because the child's educational foundation is created in the early years (Prep- Grade2), competent teaching is arguably more crucial than at any other point in their education. Our expertise to combine pleasure and learning in early education—when children are curious, ready to learn, and their minds are expanding rapidly—is a key to success.

Preschoolers are taught that numbers are symbols that signify quantities. Reinforcing the link between numbers and real-world objects fosters comprehension of numbers that cannot be achieved just by reciting numbers in order.

Our students' results reflect the quality of tutoring that we provide. This is reflected in their school academic results as well as NAPLAN/ICAS and other exams. The teaching at NRICH Learning gives the students an edge that lasts a lifetime, and the road to greatness begins at a young age. The results speak for themselves. No one can give your child self-worth because it's impossible to provide. However, when we teach a toddler, they quickly realise the thrill of using their mind's strength and potential to do and achieve. Their self-worth begins to be based on themselves rather than on the uncertain favour, approval, or praise bestowed by others.

Our Vision


NRICH Learning promotes collaboration between staff, parents, and students to achieve academic excellence. We foster the development of responsible, caring students – lifelong learners that are prepared to meet the challenges of the real world.

Success Mantra

“Discipline creates greatness. You need clarity, focus, vision. Never settle. Never give up. Never accept less than the best.”