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Be Humble, Be Teachable And Always Keep Learning.


This is the starting point for everything! Young learners who are ready to take on new challenges should begin as soon as possible. Our outstanding preschool programmes lay the groundwork for our students' future academic success. Children learn in simple, reachable, steps in NRICH’s distinctively fun and academic program, and they begin to feel the joy of achievement as they apply their newly gained information and abilities. Achievement gives even our youngest student a sense of self-worth, and we encourage parents to foster this essential development. We take care not to do for a kid what he can accomplish for himself, lest we stifle his independence and faith in his own mental strength. Our curriculum satisfies a child's burning desire to learn while also improving their focus and concentration—skills that are essential for success in life.

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First Grade

Our first graders are capable of drawing simple phrases, solving story problems, making analogies, identifying animal classifications, and recognising landforms. Our children learn to discover and establish new connections on their own because our teachers offer topics in a logically ordered sequence and illustrate how each new thought is connected to previous learning with observable facts.

Second Grade

Second-graders in the NRICH programme can label place values, read and comprehend stories, construct compound predicates, and recognise the stages of a plant's life cycle. Our pupils are eager to come to school because they are learning and succeeding!

Third Grade

Our program encourages kids to think clearly, ask questions, and reason. Our third graders can calculate the area and perimeter of simple figures, and much, much more! They read text more than 500 words, comprehend and answer questions based on the text. They are also encouraged to write and express their own view on the text. The course follows Blooms taxonomy and covers the key aspects of literacy namely, memorisation, understanding, inference and creativity.

Fourth Grade

By fourth grade, our students have made significant progress in their studies, and they are becoming increasingly adept and self-assured. Our fourth graders understand why they divide fractions because of our emphasis on conceptual learning and critical thinking. They can tell the difference between fact and opinion by basing their ideas on observable facts and explaining the causes and effects. They may infer information about fictitious characters from their behaviour and give powerful speeches. The fourth graders understand that they are in charge of their own destiny! Self-respect and independence come from taking responsibility for one's actions and performance.

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Fifth Grade

We continue to emphasise independent reasoning skills in fifth grade, resulting in exceptional academic performance and life success for our students. We encourage our students' enthusiasm for learning by introducing concepts in a way that allows them to discover the truth rather than being given answers to memorise. Fifth graders in the NRICH programme can make inferences, organise ideas in outlines, describe ecosystem cycles and changes, use and cite sources in research, subtract fractions with different denominators, and much more.

The concepts and activities covered in sixth and seventh grades include writing in active rather than passive voice, solving problems using measures of central tendencies such as mean, median, and mode, evaluating the validity of arguments, and interpreting the author's mood and text genre. Our students are proud of their knowledge and achievements! They easily transition to middle school because they have previously experienced both rigour and success. Sixth graders have a variety of teachers, each of whom specialises in a different subject.

Eighth grade NRICH students are fearless learners! They have been taught to look at the relationships between things to find connections to what they already know, so they approach even difficult assignments with confidence. They can easily incorporate new learning because it builds on prior knowledge, such as how to recognise and avoid logical errors, when to use standard and nonstandard English, and what can happen when illusion supplants reality. Our students master conventional topics to a great degree, preparing them for a successful life.

The Ninth graders solve complex mathematical equations and geometry proofs on their own, investigate the corrupting influence of power in Shakespeare's Macbeth, fix dangling modifiers, and more using the ideas they've learned. Students exude confidence because they feel they have a bright future ahead of them because they know they have the necessary skills and tools to thrive and achieve in life!


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