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NRICH Leadership

A dreamer, a doer, an entrepreneur and above all, a teacher. That is how she describes herself.
A trusted friend, a good teacher and an accommodating person. That is how parents and her students describe her.

One who is passionate about teaching and never gets tired. She works hard with kids in helping them find their passion because when you find your passion, it gives you direction and a purpose. She encourages them to be bold and fearless.
She is the heart and soul of NRICH Learning. Passionate about Pedagogy, Mathematics and Science, she has helped numerous kids (K.G. to secondary). Having taught both her sons (Sparsh, an Oxford graduate, an awarded journalist, founder of Project Dastaan, and Saransh, a Melbourne High School year 12 leader), she is always looking to help children achieve their best.

She has been teaching for more than 25 years and is respected for her deep understanding of child psychology. Her teaching journey started in India, where she taught mathematics and science to secondary school students. She then moved to the United States and was instrumental in teaching her son. After moving to Australia in 2004, she has tutored numerous students in various tutoring organisations and has been helping children achieve academic success.

She co-founded Australian Abacus Academy in 2016 and has been very successful in helping young children establish a firm footing in Mathematics. She felt the need to establish a tutoring company that could impact the quality of education of children. She felt that most tutoring companies were either too expensive or did not offer personalised attention to children. NRICH Learning was established in 2018 and began offering Mathematics coaching to children. Soon, with the help of similar passionate teachers, NRICH Learning started to offer English classes along with Mathematics. Parents have recognised her hard work and commitment to quality, and she grew NRICH Learning to new heights. Today, NRICH Learning offers English, Mathematics, Coding, VCE Chemistry, VCE Methods, VCE Specialist, VCE French and many more programs for the children. She dreams of building a school and offering world-class education to students. NRICH Learning is the first step in making that dream a reality.

Her success can be attributed to the following principles.

  1. Understand and address the academic needs of all our students.
  2. Deliver the highest possible quality of service to our families.
  3. To respond effectively and efficiently to any feedback.
  4. Continual improvement is the key.

Seema Bharti

(The founder of NRICH Learning)