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From The Principal's Desk

Seema Bharti


“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”. Anthony J. D'Angelo.

Dear Students and Parents

Welcome to one of Melbourne’s best tutoring centres. At NRICH Learning, we prepare children for the challenges of tomorrow. We open opportunities and prepare the children for academic success. We prepare them to be the author of their success from scratch.
Much of what the child experiences at NRICH Learning is rewarding, exciting and above all, enriching. Unlike many others, our teachers focus on teaching the concepts and developing an understanding of the subject matter. We provide regular feedback to parents and take their feedback seriously.

The strategy that has worked successfully for me is engaging parents as though we are a team working on their child’s behalf.” -- Seema

Students from various schools come to us for different reasons. Some are looking for help with their grades, and others like to secure a place in a selective/scholarship school. No matter what the need be, NRICH Learning has a program to suit and cater to the needs of the students. Students will be in the company of like-minded, competent peers and be held to a high standard. The tutors will present complex challenges in order to put their abilities to the test. We want the students to set challenging objectives for themselves...and to achieve them.

NRICH Learning offers a considerably larger curriculum program, and we believe that every kid is academically capable. This means that our program offers breadth, depth, and pace that would be hard to match. Students express their delight at being exposed to higher-level concepts and reasoning and being confronted with new and challenging ideas.

We encourage them to do everything they can to comprehend an idea, including asking a friend, asking their teacher, doing research, and asking their parents. We encourage them not to wilt over criticism and follow their own conviction.

At NRICH Learning, we encourage our students to

  • Choose passion over inertia.
  • Choose to be original over dogma.
  • Choose adventure over ease.
  • Choose to be relentless and not give up.

Success, true success, is determined by the series of choices that we make because, in the end, we are our choices.

Take advantage of the choices that are offered to you with an open heart and a curious mind. Choose wisely, choose NRICH Learning.