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Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

Code of practice

When using NRICH Learning website or reading any documentation produced by NRICH Learning, please note that the term ‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘NRICH Learning’ refers to the owner of NRICH Learning and the term ‘you’ refers to the person using or visiting the NRICH Learning website.

Intellectual Property

All worksheets, courseware provided to your child remains the property of NRICH Learning and is protected by Copyright. No part of the content be allowed to copy, reuse without the written consent of NRICH Learning.


We offer multiple payment methods, such as direct debit, bank transfers and credit card. All fees are payable in advance, before attending the course. Late fee charges may apply. Fees are charged by the term. All fees paid are non-refundable.


If you do miss a lesson, a makeup lesson (max 2 in a term) may be arranged. Please contact the centre manager for details. Please note that we can’t guarantee the same teacher for the makeup class. The makeup lesson may be conducted online.

Late Fee

A late fee charge may be applied for fees not paid in advance. 

Social Media

You(parent) give consent to NRICH Learning to take photographs and record videos of its students, including that of your child to publish on the website and/or any print/electronic media or social networking websites.

Damage and liabilities

You(parent) accept liability of any material damage caused by your child’s behaviour in the centre.

Damage and liabilities

When enrolling your child to any course conducted by NRICH Learning, you(parent) agree to the Terms and Conditions as laid out in this document and on the website.